Lou Lou bridal offer a custom size service and are flexible with their designs. They also have three lengths to choose from, from below the knew to full length.


Lookdarling strive to maintain the lowest pries possible which is why alterations costs are not built into our pricing. Unfortunately we don’t provide an alteration service as the majority of brides prefer to use their own local seamstress. This means that we can’t be responsible for the cost of any alterations so please allow for this when setting your budget. Most seamstresses are not very expensive, and in my opinion, the cost is money well spent as a perfectly fitting gown will flatter your figure and make you look and feel your best.


I strongly recommend that you book an appointment to visit a seamstress or tailor approximately four weeks before your wedding so that you can have your gown professionally fitted. Brides often lose weight in the run up to their wedding (even if they’re not trying to) so a professional seamstress will ensure that it fits you perfectly on your big day. I have a wide range of samples for you to try on at our home studio, and measurements can be taken to determine your size, however each gown is individually cut to order and slight variations can occur so it’s very important that your measurements are correct before you place your order.


Remember, it’s always best to get a larger size if you’re unsure as you can always have your dress amended.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


Laura xx