Look Darling on Don’t Tell the Bride

The Phone Call:

Don't tell the bride

As soon as we received the call from BBC3’s Don’t Tell The Bride saying that they had a groom interested in our tea length wedding dresses, the excitement kicked in!

The next day Adam phoned – they were already a week into their three weeks! Having seen previous programmes we arranged his visit for as soon as possible, before all his funds disappeared!

That left us with just 3 days to arrange a model for our dresses and speak to a seamstress about potentially having to complete an overnight alteration if Adam chose to purchase from us. The whirlwind had begun!

What size is his bride, what size model do we need, which dresses will be suitable? Not enough time to order in – it will have to be a sample; hopefully within a size or two of his bride. Do we have a big enough collection of suitable samples? Will they want accessories as well? Lots of questions floating around our heads.

The day of the Groom’s visit:


The Groom arrived with just 12 days to go to the wedding! We were extremely nervous when the camera crew arrived with lights and microphones, it was suddenly very real – we were going to be on TV!!!

When Adam arrived it was wonderful to see that he had brought his dad with him. They arrived in matching striped blazers, and his dad was the spit of Billy Connolly – we definitely had a couple of characters here! For the rest of the long day of filming we did nothing but laugh!

It was a very enjoyable day, though absolutely exhausting. For just a few minutes of eventual film, the filming went on for 5 hours that day! By the time we had finished, we felt as if we had known them for years, and Adam was very pleased that his bride, Victoria, would be returning to us in 11 days’ time – yes, he had bought a dress! Not only had he bought a dress but he had bought the dearest dress in our studio! Victoria was a lucky lady. He had thought about her every step of the way and hoped he had found something perfect for her. Only drawback – the crew whispered to us that it was very different from the dress that Victoria had chosen – oh my, that shattered our confidence somewhat!

11 days later – The Bride’s visit


Seamstress primed and ready to go – fingers crossed that not too many alterations were needed that would keep her up all night!

Victoria arrived looking extremely nervous – you could see the questions flying around her head – why have we come to a house? Is it a dressmaker? Has Adam had a dress made? We tried to make her as comfortable as possible despite cameras and crew all around us. This is what we are good at, I felt confident we could make her relax.

Filming does take a long time though, so poor old Victoria was 2 hours in and still not seen her dress! We were all getting nervous again – we needed to get the viewing over with! Finally, the moment arrived…….

Victoria loved it! Thank goodness for that, we could all breathe a sigh of relief. Even better – it fit perfectly. Guess Adam knew his bride well after all.

By now Victoria was thoroughly relaxed and beginning to look forward to the big day – but then came the denim jacket and trainers! Nothing to do with us I hasten to add! Amazingly, Victoria coped remarkably well and within a short time, after an initial tantrum, she was happy and excited and looking forward to the next day again.

On a Personal Note:


Adam and Victoria were a wonderful couple and a pleasure to meet. We were delighted to be able to play a small part in their day and wish them a very happy life together. We received a fabulous ‘thank you’ postcard from them with a beautiful picture of their day and the following message:
“Elaine, Just a note to thank you once again for everything. The dress was stunning and I love it. You made it all so easy and I am so glad he chose you. Thank you again, Victoria”

We hope you enjoyed the show!



Victoria’s testimonial:

As my future husband and I took part in Don’t Tell the Bride it fell to him to choose my wedding dress for me! Scary! However as soon as I arrived (less than 24 hours before my wedding) Elaine immediately put me at ease and made the whole experience much calmer. From the moment I walked in I knew with the beautiful selection of dresses that surrounded me, everything would be fine and it most certainly was. My dress was truly stunning and though I must count my lucky stars for my now husband’s good taste, I know he couldn’t have done without Elaine and Look Darling. Thank you so much xxx

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